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The ‘How to’ for NEOCUBE

Some tips for making shapes:-

  • When connecting 2 shapes for examples 2 triangles, they will not go together happily all the time. If they do not want to connect turn a triangle over and try again – this is alligning the poles correctly
  • If you accidently put the magnets too close together they will stick to each other thus causing a lot of frustration and maybe having to redo the shape you are trying to accomplish

How to make a cube

1. Firstly make the neocube into one long line

2.  Next fold the line 36 at a time till you get a 6 by 36 2D rectangle

3. Then fold the neocube over 6 at a time till you get the square

How to make a triangle

1.  Firstly break 9 balls off and put them in a circle

2. Then pinch three together to get a point at one end

3.  After that push the bottom 2 balls up to make a triangle


How to make a circular prism

1.  Firstly make 24 triangles

2.  After put the triangles together as it shows in the picture

3.  Then push the bits that are sticking out together to get a flat pyramind on both sides

4.  Next roll one of the long sides around the pyramid

5.  Do the same to the other side

6.  And finally put the 2 sides together